Whats Included

1: Check operation of exterior lights 
2: Check illumination of dash and heater control lamps
3: Check battery condition and connections
4: Check horn 
5: Test / advise alternator output and security 
6: Check door / bonnet lock operation and lubricate locks, hinges and catches
7: Wiper Blade and Washers Check Condition
8. Drain and Refill Engine Oil*
9: Replace oil filter
10: Replace air filter
11: Replace fuel filter (if fitted and external from fuel tank)
12: Check / advise general oil leaks
13: Check / advise coolant level and antifreeze strength
14: Top up antifreeze if required
15: Check coolant hoses for leaks and condition, incl. header tank
16: Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (excl. timing belt)
17: Spark plugs changed according to mileage* 
18: Visual check of fuel system (incl. tank and cap)
19: Check timining belt replacement interval & report if due according to mileage / age
20: Check brake servo operation
21: Check / advise brake fluid level and boiling point
22: Top up brake fluid if required 
23: Visual check of brake pads for wear or damage 
24: Visual check of brake callipers for leaks and security
25: Visual check of brake discs, shoes and cylinders for wear or damage
26: Visual check of brake pipes and hoses
27: Check operation of handbrake
28: Check security of handbrake linkages and travel and adjust if required
29: Check condition of road springs
30: Check power steering fluid reservoir
31: Check steering / suspension components for wear and corrosion
32: Check steering rack gaitors condition
33: Check shock absorber condition and mounting, report any leaks
34: Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise 
35: Check drive shaft gaitors for security and report any leaks 
36: Check gear box fluid level manual / automatic differential (if applicable)   
37: Check / adjust clutch operation  √
38: Check for transmission oil leaks   √
39: Check condition of clutch cable (where visible)   
40: Check / advise condition of exhaust and mountings 
41: Check tyre condition and tread depth (incl. spare)
42: Check / adjust tyre pressures (incl. spare)   √
43: Remove all road wheels and check flanges and mountings   
44: Check wheel nut torque to manufacturer's specification √ 
45: Reset vehicle service light where applicable   √
46: Stamp service book or update online service book if applicable  √
Note Locking wheel nut location  

*Additional charges will apply should the vehicle require a pollen filter, special or synthetic oils, brake fluid, platinum or multi-electrode plugs or if any other repairs are required

*Prices quoted are for guidance only. A full quotaion will provided when your booking is confirmed and a estimate/estimation will be sent before any work is carried out.