Unipart BrakingUniparts range of Brake Pads and Discs, cover over 33 million Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles (up to 3.5 tonne) and Car Derived Vans in the UK.

Unipart Brake Discs and Brake Pad Sets are one of the most well known and respected Friction brands in the UK Aftermarket. Unipart Brake Pads & Brake Discs have been tested and developed to meet the requirements of the Original Equipment matching Quality standards.

They are certified as such by the manufacturers, which mean they can be used within the vehicle warranty period without invalidating the vehicle manufacturers warranty.

Bosch Braking - Guaranteed safe drivingBosch Brake Disc

Disc brakes have to be reliable. And Bosch disc brakes are even more reliable than good quality might lead you to expect. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials they even cope with extreme strains. Just one example: On full braking, the braking power is several times higher than the engine power. Temperatures in excess of 750° C can then arise between the pad and the brake disc. Only absolute top quality is able to withstand such extreme thermal and mechanical stress over the course of time - in other words, Bosch quality.

Bosch brake discs are made to exacting standards

  • High quality surface finish to reduce bedding in period and noise
  • All vented discs are balanced at factory to ensure they run correctly on the vehicle
  • Anti corrosion plating on many discs means improved appearance of alloy wheels
  • Casting and manufacturing tolerances to vehicle manufacturer standards

The right mixture is crucialBosch Brake Pad

Engine power is intriguing – but only if the brakes can take it. Braking systems provide safety. But only with the right brake pads. As there is however no universal recipe for safety, Bosch design their products to suit each individual vehicle-model. From a wide range of pad formulation, use is always made of the one which solely produces brake pads with optimum characteristics – a brake pad offering ideally coordinated friction, comfort and wear properties. All of this is ensured through extensive dynamometer and on-the-vehicle testing