Kis Carside

Carside is an iOS and Android eVHC and vehicle inspection app that allows inspection information and photographic evidence to be logged directly into KiS Online from compatible tablets and smartphones. Carside allows you to view your work-in progress job list, amend job statuses, update vehicle mileages and capture/add existing images to support your reports.
All data entered and photographs taken via Carsideare automatically synchronised with your KiS Online account via the internet, making them immediately available to your staff

CarSide supports your duty of care and helps you generate additional revenue by helping you identify and report on required work and existing damage.

Damage Report Key benefits:kis-online

  • Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android
  • Identify sales opportunities using vehicle health checks
  • Protect against damage claims with damage reports
  • Supports your duty of care
  • Allows you to advise your customers on upcoming/work required
  • Fully integrated with your KiS Online account

Electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC)

  • CarSide’s electronic health check functionality helps you to generate additional revenue by identifying and reporting on required work.
  • The mobile app provides you with a modern electronic format to perform vehicle health checks from your tablet or smartphone. 
  • Recorded data is automatically synchronised with KiS Online, meaning you don’t have to manually enter the information into your system. What’s more, as soon as the data is captured it is available in KiS Online to price up any required work or print out your completed health check report. You can then discuss any recommended repairs with your customers, offering them quality customer service and identifying immediate sales opportunities.
  • The eVHC supports multiple interactive checklists, all fully customisable to suit your individual needs,methods or current promotions. This function supports anything from winter checks to fleet safety inspections, including tyre tread depths and technician comments - all supported by integrated camera support straight from your device. Furthermore, from your KiS Online desktop, you can use the existing reminder functionality to call customers back for deferred work by SMS and email.

eVHC Key benefits:

  • Simple-to-use modern red, amber and green checklist format
  • Generate revenue
  • Identify future sales opportunities
  • Create custom checklists and reports
  • NEW: Easily record all three tyre depths from one screen
  • Camera support
  • NEW: Upload existing images to health checks
  • Automatic synchronisation with KiS Online