Free Diagnostic Check

If you have an issue with your vehicle and are unsure what the issue is, book it in for a FREE no obligation check* with a Unipartner Garage

Our expert technicians will check and identify the issue then provide you with a quotation. We only use manufacturer approved parts. For 12 months or 12,000 miles following the fitting of any part at a Unipartner Garage, you can enjoy total peace of mind on the road. If anything were to go wrong with the part we’ve fitted, or the way a Unipartner Gargae fitted them, you can pull into any Unipartner Garage convenient to you and have your vehicle repaired at no cost.


* FREE checks are subject to the individual  Unipartner garage's  terms and conditions. If extensive investigation work is required to identify the issue a full quotation will be provided as charges may apply.

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