Bosch Car Service

Full service offering outstanding quality with a personal touchBosch Car Service

With our comprehensive range of services we can always offer our customers just what they need. We look after all makes of vehicle. Our full range of services are available for all types of engine as well - whether gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid. All Bosch Car Service workshops have to undergo a systematic certification process and are committed to constantly improving quality assurance standards.

Pioneering automotive technology for guaranteed mobility

Our workshops are equipped with modern, innovative diagnostic systems for quick and accurate trouble-shooting. Detailed repair manuals provide our personnel with all the technical information they need. You can rely on us for fast, expert and affordable vehicle servicing and repair work.

Bosch is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automotive parts

For more than 125 years now Bosch has been investing in the future of mobility; making it clean and economical, safe, convenient and comfortable. Offering reliability and innovation, Bosch is a renowned supplier to the automotive industry throughout the world. The Bosch Group accompanies a vehicle throughout its entire life cycle - from research and development to production and full expert care from Bosch Car Service.

Bosch Car Service - the car experts. This is the right address for outstanding service quality for your car. Whether you are looking for advice, repair or service work we can offer the full package - coupled with the unique expertise of Bosch, the world's leading original equipment supplier for virtually all makes.

The experts from Bosch Car Service are fully equipped to deal with the latest automotive technology in vehicles of all makes and keep them in perfect working order. And so your car is always in the best possible hands when you take it to Bosch Car Service for maintenance and repair.

For everything your car needs!

Over 16,000 Bosch Car Service workshops successfully handle over 210 million customer contacts per year in 150 countries. Backed by the power of the Bosch brand, this makes us an undisputed world leader in top-quality workshop services.

Outstanding qualityBosch Car Service

No loss of manufacturer's warranty coverage: Bosch Car Service perform all repair and maintenance work to the specifications of the manufacturer, so the vehicle remains fully under warranty.

Professional work: All Bosch Car Technicians are fully qualified and always use the latest equipment.

Genuine spare partsWe make exclusive use of genuine parts or spare parts of the highest quality to ensure your vehicle retains its value.

ConscientiousnessWe take good care of your vehicle. And our workshops always adhere to the applicable safety and environmental standards

Broad-based and comprehensive

Everything a car needs: We perform vehicle maintenance, repair and retrofitting work. We can provide expert advice on all aspects of the car.

Time saving: You can bring your vehicle at short notice and we will perform repairs as quickly as possible to ensure you never have to wait longer than necessary.

Mobility: We keep you on the road. You can have the use of a replacement vehicle when available.

Fair and reasonable

Expert work, transparent costs: We will give you a detailed breakdown in advance of all the work and time involved. So you know exactly what everything will cost right from the start.

Fair approach to repair work: We only ever repair what is really necessary.

Everything remains under your control: We always check with you first before performing any extra work.

See for yourself: We keep any parts removed in case you want to take a look at them when you collect your vehicle.

Trustworthy and reliableBosch Car Service

No delays: We always keep to the deadlines we promise.

Reliability: We fully honor the agreements we make.

Professional handover: A qualified member of our team will explain the work performed and the invoice when you come to collect your vehicle.

Personal and committed

Personal service: We listen to what you have to say and are always pleased to offer advice on everything to do with your vehicle.

Full commitment: We do everything we can for you and your vehicle. You can rely on us to find the right solution to even the most awkward or extraordinary problems

Innovative test systems for professional vehicle diagnostics

All Bosch Car Service workshops employ the latest test techniques and digital information systems. This ideal combination ensures systematic vehicle diagnosis and qualified repair work.

Advantages for you:

  • Enjoy the benefits of quick, precise fault diagnosis.
  • Save time and money with prompt, efficient repair work.

Ongoing training keeps us up-to-date

In view of today's "computers on wheels" it is essential for all workshop employees to have an understanding of complex modern automotive technology. Our technical staff enjoys all the excellence offered by Bosch.

The umbrella company supplies Bosch Car Service with comprehensive, innovative automotive system technology and provides the necessary expert training and instruction to accompany it. Practical training courses with the latest test equipment enable our workshop personnel to acquire the knowledge they require to meet every challenge - both now and in the future.

Above and beyond technological expertise we also teach our staff how to best deal with the requirements of customers and so live up to our unique service promises.

Advantages for you:

  • Enjoy dealing with excellently trained automotive experts.
  • Benefit from our positive attitude towards service.

Our quality assurance strategy ensures constant improvement

External experts regularly monitor our quality standards and procedures. We then take the necessary action to make sure we carry on getting better. Unannounced workshop tests with prepared vehicles are another form of checking. They enable us to maintain our outstanding service quality and leave no vehicle fault undiscovered.

Advantages for you:

  • You can rely on top service quality both for vehicle inspections to manufacturer specifications and when it comes to professional vehicle diagnosis.
  • You can count on our many years of experience and attention to customer requirements.