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New Product Launch - Unipart 2 in 1 Rapid De-Icer with Ice Scraper Cap

With Winter upon us, motorists are having to get to grips once more with frozen windscreens - but not everybody uses a traditional ice scraper.

 CD Cases, Credit Cards, and boiling water are some of the household items sometimes used to clear an icy windscreen.

Using anything other than a proper De-Icer and an Ice scraper does not effectively remove the ice and a makeshift scraper can cause damage to the windscreen, boiling water can cause a cracked windscreen and may re-freeze and you may even snap your credit card; with the digital age even these items may not even be to hand with many cars now streaming music and payments being made by smart phone!! So what do you do? You definitely do not want to use your smart phone to clear your windscreen.

Remember driving with poor visibility is illegal and punishable with a fine and points. So why Not ensure you have the correct equipment for the job?

Unipart Rapid De-Icer - Coming soon

The Unipart patented ice scrapper cap is strong and robust to clear the stubborn frost and ice from your windscreen. So no more searching for your credit card or CD case! The fast acting formula rapidly defrosts windscreens to -15°C, preventing re-freeze and protects the rubber on your wiper blades. The Unipart de-icer also has a power jet nozzle which ensures wide spray coverage.

A full range of Winter chemicals available now at unipartautostore, on the forecourt and through leading retailers