All Unipartner Garages are fully signed-up members of the Motor Ombudsman programme, we're proud of the integrity and quality of the services we provide. Our pricing and inspection procedure is completely transparent, and we'll never start work on your car without getting the OK from you first.MOT


If your car is 3 years old or older, you are required by law to have a valid MOT certificate. This requirement is an integral part of motoring in the UK, and helps keep our roads safer and less congested.
MOT tests at one of our customer-recommended MOT Test Centres offers the additional benefits of our experience and expertise. We'll be able to spot any developing problems with your car while we're testing, and help you plan for future repairs well in advance.


Whatever make or model of car you drive, we're qualified and experienced in carrying out all MOT tests and repair work, without voiding your manufacturer warranty. Because we only use certified 'matching quality parts', every one of our MOT garages is authorised to carry out repairs on any car under warranty.
In addition to being fully licensed, as you would expect, all of our centres are regularly rated and reviewed by our customers. That means we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the levels of service you need and expect. And we always aim to exceed, not simply deliver.

We'll even send you a reminder when your MOT test is due, because we know you already have more than enough on your plate with work, family and personal commitments.NATIONWIDE GUARANTEE


Anyone who owns a car has to maintain it to ensure it is in a roadworthy condition. Once your vehicle is three years old, every year thereafter your vehicle must undergo an annual test known as the MOT. This annual check is carried out by over 19,000 registered garages in the UK. The test is carried out to make sure your vehicle complies with road safety and environmental standards. The garage must display the maximum fee for the test. However, they can charge less than the scheduled fee. Authorised MOT test centres display the official 3 blue triangles logo. Visit one of our participating Unipartner Garages for your next MOT.

Once the car passes the MOT, the certificate will state that it has passed and met the environmental and road safety standards required by law at time of inspection. It is important to note that the MOT does not guarantee of the condition of the vehicles mechanics - gearbox, clutch or engine. The certificate does not guarantee that the vehicle will remain in a roadworthy condition for the full length of the certificate.

All tests are carried out by fully qualified MOT inspectors. You will not normally be required to bring any documentation with you unless this is the first MOT for your vehicle, in which case you should bring the V5C vehicle registration certificate this will also be required if the vehicle has had a change of registration plate since its last